Friday, October 7, 2011

Giddiness Abounds

My excitement level has shot up.  BIG TIME. 

On Tuesday I saw an orthopedic doctor, who confirmed my chiropractor's diagnosis of my knee pain.

Tuesday night I hit the gym for my last attempt at figuring out a game plan for the race, and with God's grace I found one.  I started slowly, working my way up from a walk to a jog, and backed off every time I felt any questionable pain.  About 4.5 miles into it, my knee had loosened up just like the chiropractor had said.  I found a rhythm that worked for me and allowed me to progressively extend and improve my running times.  I was by no means fast, but I was running.  My pain lightened up significantly.  In fact, the last 45 minutes or so were virtually pain-free.  All in all, I ended up going 9 miles.  9 miles!!!  My longest run in over a month. It felt good.  And I now know exactly how to pace myself for race day.  My psychic Shuffle was in full effect after my run, playing 3 Jeremy Camp songs in a row, the final one being "Beyond Measure" while I was bawling with joy in the parking lot.  God used that night to teach me more about yielding control to Him and allowing Him to work miracles as a result.  That is exactly what He is doing, and I believe He is far from done.

On Wednesday I got my new shirt.  It fits perfectly!!  I cannot wait to debut it on Sunday!  And I was deeply moved and encouraged by Sarah's profound blog post.  I didn't think it was possible to be any more grateful for and blessed by her friendship.  I was wrong.

Today I had my last chiropractic appointment, and as I drove through downtown on my way back home I stared in awe at the Portland Marathon banners hung from the lamp posts.  I spoke to Spaghetti Factory to confirm our dinner reservations for Saturday night.  Sarah received the most amazing card from a past client.  And I received the most thoughtful gift of support and encouragement from my dear friend.

Sarah will be here in 36 hours.  Tomorrow is our most important night of sleep.  Saturday we will drive our race course, pick up our bibs, and lay out our clothes.  Race weekend has arrived. 

When I first began this journey, I was told I was embarking on a physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation.  I now know just how true this is, and I believe with all of my heart that Sunday is going to be life-changing in more ways than one.  This story is far from over, and I feel like these next 2 days will be the ultimate cliff-hanger.  I can't wait to see what's on the other side!

We made it, bestie.  We are really doing this!!!  I cannot wait to welcome you to the city in which you'll become a MARATHONER!  I am so glad we chose to write this new chapter in our story.  We will never forget this as long as we live.  See you in Portland!!

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Kris said...

Hallelujah!! That is awesome, God is awesome!! You both will do great tomorrow!! Be BLESSED and enjoy every mile :)