Friday, September 2, 2011

I think I can, I think I can...

I am always daunted by these long runs.
This is what I've done to get ready for this weeks longer-than-FOREVER run:
  1. Ipod shift-a-roo. Took all my slowish worship/love songs and added a lot of booty shakin', lots of partying and sin talking kind of music. I'm telling myself I'm not listening to the words. In all honesty I'm not because I cant understand them... but, the beat makes my feet move faster. Which is always nice.
  2. I'm going to try putting Nuun in my water bottle. Its electrolyte replacement, and I'm hoping it'll help with... something. :) It probably tastes like that stuff they give you when you have to do your pregnancy glucose test, but if you tell me it'll make the run better- bottoms up!
  3. I've slacked. I cut out one of my short runs... I've been tired. PMS is definitely to blame, so I'd rather give my body a little rest than push it... who wants to be an overachiever, right??
  4. Encouraged Christie. I think we both play off each others B.S. la-tee-da encouragement :) It works for us. :)
  5. Once again reminded myself to take it one week at a time. Enjoy the moment... I mean, when else in my life am I going to be trying to map out an 18 mile course??
This will be my mantra tomorrow morning :)

Hope you crazy kids have a wonderful, fun filled, safe Labor Day Weekend!

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