Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dear Christie Ann,

I just want to say again what I've said many times over the years- you are my blessing.
When life is crazy, hard, exhausting, wonderful, peaceful;
when I laugh, am lost, am confused, or am inspired- you're who I call.
I'm continually amazed at what an amazing woman of God you are. Your faith inspires me. You wisdom is one of the first I seek. I admire you soooo much!
I just googled a million "Friendship Quotes" to try to find something sweet and deep to put on here, but they all seemed... cheesy.
Remember the shirt in that window in Cannon Beach? I feel like that's the quote of our friendship. Maybe because it makes me laugh and maybe because someday I secretly hope we're in that situation (it WOULD be funny... :)) and maybe because all the sappy sweet things are already implied.

"A good friend will bail you out of jail.
A great friend will be sitting with you in the cell saying, "man, that was FUN!"
-Shirt in Cannon Beach :)



Kerrie T. said...

Awesome! What a great friendship!

Christie Wilson said...

Oh my gosh, must you make me cry?! I love you so much!!! And I agree...jail would add yet another fun dimension to our friendship... ;) (although I asked Josh and he does not agree). Thank you for being the greatest friend ever!!!