Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'm sorry, what?!?!?

So I'm sitting here in front of the computer and decided I would map out my 15 mile course for Saturday.  Yes, that's right, 15 miles.  My husband Josh is playing football that morning at 8 am, so I have to be done by then and am planning to meet him at Cook Park in Tigard, where he will hand off the kids to me and I will somehow find the energy to entertain them for the following 3 hours.  For those of you who know Portland, here is the route I came up with:

Start at Albertons on Barrows Road in Beaverton (my go-to starting point) and run to Scholls Ferry
Run all the way up Scholls to Hall
Run all the way down Hall to Bonita (yes, Bonita)
Run all the way down Bonita to 72nd
Run all the way down 72nd to Tualatin Road
Run all the way down Tualatin Road to Hwy 99
Run all the way up Hwy 99 to Durham
Run all the way down Durham to Cook Park/Tigard High School

In other words, run from Beaverton, to Tigard, to Lake Oswego, to Tualatin, and back to Tigard.

I can't be reading this right.  That's got to be like 32 miles.  Not just a random midway training run.  Not 11 miles short of a marathon.  There's no way.  It's not possible.  Right??
Pray for me.


Eileen said...

you can do it! woo hoo! so excited for you! you are amazing!

Nicole Wagner said...

OH my gosh! do you know that my FIRST 15 MILE RUN was the day I went from "don't think I really want to run 26 miles...ever" ...to..." Oh my gosh, I think I want to run a MARATHON!". It was glorious beyond belief. Like you, at the time I had never run a step over 13.1 miles....but you know what ...those 15 were amazing and i fyou can run 13, you can run 15, if you can run 15, you can run 20 and if you can run 20....well you know...you are in the middle of a spiritual, physical, emotional transformation in your life and it is an incredible one. You are going to continue to be astonished at what your body can do physically and amazed at how much the mind plays a part in that. Lucky for you, you have an incredibly optimisitc, driven, determined personality so you will CRUSH this 15 miles! So proud of you and so excited for you! text me when you're done so I can read the excitement! it will be a GOOD day, I promise. xx

Nicole Wagner said...

p.p.s Have you bought yourself a garmin yet? if not...PLEASE DO! you deserve it and then you don't have to map out much of anything...you can just start running and turn around when you get half way out...it's fabulous:)

Sarah said...

ick. I'm trying to think of it only as 2 miles more than a half... we can do 2 miles!! ...oh good grief- I sound like YOU!!!!!!