Friday, August 12, 2011

I'm kinda tough!

"Today I will do what you wont, so tomorrow I can do what you cant."
I think that quote is from crossfit... I read it on someones fb page once and it stuck with me.
So, when I had to wake up at 4:45am on Monday morning to run my first ever half marathon distance... I kept telling myself that the people still in bed sleeping blissfully wouldn't be able to keep up with me on the next run... and it helped :)
The run started out great. It's always hard for me to do the first 3 miles... I don't know why but they're always the toughest mentally and physically.
I didn't really have any clue where I was running. Just went. I found a few new roads and neighborhoods and that was fun. I also downloaded an entire new album on itunes- which was amazing! Thank you, Mat Kearney for getting me through this run :)
Got to about 6 miles and realized I had to pee... big time. Luckily there's a park in the area so I ran over there praying the entire way that the bathrooms weren't locked- OPEN :)
After that it was me and the pavement :)
Looking back it was just a really great run. I had a couple tough moments where I cramped up. Once I even had to stop on the side of the road to stretch out a butt cramp (yes, butt cramp.) At that point there were quite a few other runners beginning to trickle out. Always nice to see friendly faces!
All the sudden I looked down (thinking I was on maybe mile 8...) and I was over 10!!!
That was a pleasant surprise. Then about 10 seconds later I ran out of water. Suck.
Pushed it big time. Dug deep. And re-read Christies text from that morning, she said,
"A friend of mine told me that if you can do a 10K you can do a half, and if you can do a half you can do a whole. So, today's your proof!"
I started to get choked up, and didn't want to be hyperventilating on my last mile without water. So, I tried to lock it up :)
I had tried to plan the run so that my last mile was the loop right by our house. Where it all started. The loop where I ran my first mile without stopping. This was where I wanted to finish my first "half marathon" :) This didn't help with fighting back emotions!
Pat had texted me to see how close I was and I texted back. I was about 8 minutes ahead of my estimated finish time and he texted back, "I'm impressed, but not surprised!" so I texted him, "I'm a bad a$$!"
As I rounded the corner right by our house and looked down my street at my last .2 mile I saw my family come pouring out of the house. They stood on the sidelines of the most creative finish line EVER, and cheered me on as I completed one of the biggest feats of my life.


Notice the paper in my hand- Addyson made me a card with a rainbow, and '13's written all over it :)

Helping mommy stretch...
 You know what's funny is that this really was the easiest part of my day! I know that if I can raise 3 kids, and if I can go to births for 30 hours straight- I can do this. This really was my proof :)



Wendy Clifford said...

Sarah, you and Christie are such inspirational runners. Its a pleasure to read about your successes and feel your rough patches. You both have such support amazing families. I can't wait to cheer you and Christie across the marathon finish line!!!
Keep running strong.

Katie Browning said...

Sheesh. I'm tearing up for you! Ditto, Pat.

Nicole Wagner said...

way to go Sarah!!!! BIG accomplishment!