Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dumb things I did yesterday...

1.) Tubing behind the boat with a crazy 11 year old. Just because she has young knees doesn't mean I do.
2.) Huckleberry Daiquiri
3.) Huckleberry Margarita
4.) Laying in the hot (read: dehydrating) sun

So, I'm sure my half marathon this evening will be a cake walk :)
Hoping my husband gets home from his guys golfing/reminiscing/boozing weekend early enough that I don't have to run more than a few miles in the dark.
I am totally going to make my kids draw a gigantic finish line in chalk on the street in front of our house!

Christie- missing my running buddy :( Hurry up and heal up!
p.s.- I am never going to be up for driving cross country with our kids. ever.  :)

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