Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Yesterday's Texts

Christie @ 8:27 am: "Happy 1 day late anniversary!!!!!  How was it?"
Sarah @ 8:29 am: "And 2 days late happy bday to miss n!!!  Fun anni!  How was the party?"
Christie @ 8:30 am: "So fun!  Sooo tired though!  And didn't run a single mile!  Eek!"
Sarah @ 8:31 am: "Me either!  Lol!  Drank A LOT of booze!"
Christie @ 8:33 am: "Lol!!  I love it!  I could only be doing this with you!!!"

I love you bestie!!!  Way to rock it this morning! 


mmsnyder said...

and this is why i love you two!! :) :)

Sarah said...

Does 'this is why I love doing it with you' mean because I'm such a slacker that I make you feel better about yourself?? :)