Thursday, August 11, 2011

On the road again!

I just got back from a 4 day trip to Wisconsin Dells, WI (the "Waterpark Capital of the World!") for a family reunion.  Even though my initial plan was to wait until I returned to attempt to run again, I packed my running clothes and shoes just in case.  My foot had been feeling totally normal for a few solid days, so on Monday morning, I laced up my shoes, clipped on my iPod, and set out on the Wisconsin country roads for my first run in 16 days. 

No more than 5 steps into it, I got teary-eyed.  Thank the Lord, unlike my last attempt, these tears did not come from pain.  They came from an overwhelming sense of joy and gratitude!  It felt AMAZING!!!  It's so hard to have the will to do something but not the physical ability.  Just to be healthy again was such a gift!  I iced a lot that day and night and was sure to stretch really well, just as I will continue to do for the remainder of this training.  I felt some kinks the next day and could definitely tell I hadn't run in a while, but I was just glad I was able to do it without too much difficulty.  I was so worried that I'd be back where I started, dying at mile 1!  It was just shy of 4 miles, and it felt to me just like my pre-injury 4-milers.  Praise God!  I am so, so grateful.  Next time I complain about "having to run," someone please remind me to be glad that I can!!!

My favorite part of the run was knowing that here I was, in the roads-less-traveled of Wisconsin, with my feet pounding the pavement at the exact same time Sarah's were doing so in Spokane.  It was 8 am for me and 6 am for her.  I was working on 4 miles and she was doing 13.1 (YOU ROCK!!!!).  I was slowly easing into it, and she was giving it her all.  But there we were, running miles together, miles apart. 

Less than 2 months to go until race day!  The countdown continues!!

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Wendy Clifford said...

Go Christie Go, so glad to hear that you are back on your feet, pounding the pavement.