Sunday, August 21, 2011

"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm" -Ralph Waldo Emerson

This week was tough for me.
I hit a bit of a wall. Realizing that I can't do all of this!
With work (I have one client due any day and two more before the marathon. Going to a birth usually means at least 30 hours without sleep), my kiddos (lately running has been the easiest part of my day), keeping my home in somewhat working order... oy vey.
So, when Friday hit and I got a text from Christie that said, "I'm so EXCITED about tomorrow!!!!" I pooped on her party and texted her back that I was dragging. So, being the psychic that she is she told me to check my mailbox- that I had a surprise coming and it should have come today!
Only best friends can foresee that kind of stuff :)
So this is what was in my care package:

My card filled with encouragement, exclamation points, and smiley faces!

My Race Countdown
My new running shirt :) "so people know what we're running for!" -Christie

So grateful for my wonderful friend who knew just what I would need :)
When I called her to thank her she told me something that really stuck with me. When I started running a year and a half ago it was to get away from the chaos that is raising 3 young kids. I would go for 10 or 15 minutes (because that's all my body could do!) She said, "Back then you would have PAID to get 3 hours away from your kids! Now you've earned being able to be away for that long. Be so thankful for it!"
5:15am on Saturday morning came very quickly.
I planned on running a new course off of the prairie that we live on. I had driven it the night before and couldn't believe how FAR IT WAS! Until now I've been running lots of out and backs and loops, so to see how much distance 15 miles really is was crazy. The course was hilly to say the least. Insane hills. Driving them I thought, "oh well, if they get tough I'll just walk..." Ha. Right. We'll get back to that part.
First I had to plant some water around my 10 mile mark. Got that planted and drove to my start while I talked to C. She said, "Hahaha! This is so ridiculous!" And I'm just shaking my head while I'm driving in the early dawn to go run for hours.
Started at 6:15 (Christie! I didn't know we started at the same time!!" :)
The first 4 miles were along city streets, but it was mostly flat with a few downhills sprinkled in. I headed into the "scary part" where it's actually beautiful country roads, but there's no shoulder and its pretty desolate. Perfect place for a horror movie where some serial killer abducts an unsuspecting young (hee, hee!) runner. So, with pepper spray on my hip- I headed into the jungle :)
The miles flew by during my death cheating 4 miles in the wilderness. I kept up on my Shock Bloks and only took one gel. The only hard part was the hills- which even walking up these steep windy beasts made me breathe hard- and the no shoulder parts.
Passed, 2 squirrels, 3 wild turkeys, 2 wild and rabid (probably) dogs, 4 horses, and a deer.
Got to my 8 mile mark and into civilization! Yes! Started I sing, "Survivor" and my phone rang, and it was my running buddy Ashlee who was planning on meeting me for my last 4 miles :) Told her to meet me at the McDonald's on the course because I was fairly certain my bladder was about to explode. Sprinted into Micky D's and the boy at the counter gave me a funny look. All decked out in my water belt, with a bright red "running for my life from the wildlife/murderer a mile back" sort of look on my face. Waited for Ash while I inhaled a Cliff Bar and a Hammer Gel. She pulled in all perky and well rested, and we headed out. Once again, a friend that knew what I needed. Her enthusiasm was contagious, she was whooping and hooting and singing and dancing :) We got a few honks and I'm fairly sure its because Ash was shakin' what her mama gave her :)
At mile 13 I hit a big time wall. It was shadeless in those last few miles and was almost 9am. Ash stuck with my snail pace and got me through those last (thankfully) few miles. As we jaywalked (ran?) across the street to finish she was hollering, and I screamed, "I did it!!!"
We went to the grocery store to get ice and she informed the lady at the checkout that I had just ran 15 miles. (Gee, thanks!) The lady gave me a look like, "and I care because...?" :)
Headed home and the kids clapped and splashed in my ice bath.
They think this is normal and what every mommy does on Saturday mornings. Which I love.
Then got back to real life and cleaned the garage all day. Haha!

I'm blessed with friends who share my joy, hardships, bad days and good days.


Christie Wilson said...

Awww I love it all!!! I still can't grasp that we ran THAT far. Wowzers. I love that we started at the exact same minute, wearing our matching shirts. :) I can't imagine doing this without you! I never would!! CONGRATULATIONS on an amazing accomplishment, bestie!!

Nicole Wagner said...

way to go Sarah!!! loved your recap!